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A DVD Based on my Life!

This is my links page! Here you will find links to all my favorite web sites!

The Official Radiohead site

This is the official site, run by W.A.S.T.E. and it is a blast! It's not really heavy on the news side, but guitarist Ed O'Brien updates their diary every now and then and talks about their next album, too. It also has stuff by all the other guys and a place to buy Radiohead junk.

This site has the best Radiohead news and is a great fan site, too.

MPS Digital Entertainment

These are the guys who make cool independent movies and also have started web design through their MPS Interactive division. DEFINITELY give them a look-see! Heath, the owner, says my story would make a good movie one day.

A cool cd by a guy named Grant Balfour

Grant listened to my story about my relationship with Carson and wrote this album.

The Celebrity Cafe

A neat little place to visit if you like movies.

Email me at
MPS Digital Studios.