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My Mom:

Well, so far I have no picture of her. She is unwilling to sit still for a second to take one! She hates photos of herself, like most people. What can I say? She's my Mom! She's an artist, like me--mostly into surreal stuff. I like it, but can't paint like she can. She's the true Dali fan. She has gotten into all kinds of photography, mostly of the beach and lighthouses. Speaking of which, she has a huge "fetish" for lighthouses--she collects little miniatures and books about them. She loves to eat health food, and tries to force me to eat tofu. YUK! Currently, she works at the local community college teaching everything from the basics of art to painting to photography! She also heads up all the art and photo clubs, too! She's a workaholic, what can I say?? But I love her, so I guess I'll keep her. : )

Kianna, my best friend:

I met Kianna (and Joanna) when I got a job as ticket seller at the movie theater. Kianna and I hit it off quick, since we were both madly in love with our boyfriends (hers is Ed, mine at the time was Damon, ugh). We don't really like the same kind of music (she likes R & B and groups like Destiny's Child) or movies (she thought TITANIC and WAITING TO EXHALE are the greatest movies ever), but she's like my mentally and emotionally stable "uplifter." She listens to me and helps me through everything. And it was quite a time with ol' Damon. hoo-boy! Thanks, Kianna, I love you!

Joanna, my second Mom:

She co-owns the movie theatre I work at, Silver Screen. When I started working there, she quickly became my second Mom and best friend. She is the best with advice!


What can I say about Carson? He is the main cook at Silver Screen, and a really nice guy. He moved down from St. Pete two years ago and started at the theater pretty soon after. He lives with his girlfriend, Claire. Here's a pic of her:

It was weird, but after a couple of months of getting over Damon, I started looking at Carson differently. And he looked at me, too, like that. Anyway, he likes comics (favorite is Iron Man) and movies (favorite is JAWS). He also reads Garfield. He hopes to one day either review movies or write comics. I think at one point he thought of directing movies, but he hasn't said anything about it since then. He seems to know what he wants, but nothing is going the way he wants it to. Hmm...



Chad started at the theater when I did, back in 1998. I've known him just as the assistant cook and projectionist, but it wasn't until Carson and I started dating that we became good friends. he likes Iron Man, too, but really wants to play guitar in a band, or something. Not really sure about that. He likes to work hard, and go home to his apartment and drink beer and listen to Lenny Kravitz or watch the Simpsons. He's really cool and hates Claire, which is a good thing! Here is a pic of Ben, he and Carson's other friend that works with us:


Heath is a filmmaker whom I have known for a little while. He once worked at Silver Screen as a projectionist. He now does work for Silver Screen with his digital video camera. He's the one who's stressed out every night over this web site, since he's trying to figure out the web design thing. He always says, "I'm a filmmaker, not a web guy!" He's a sweet guy.

That's about all the people I know!!! : )

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